At Prairie Falcon Ranch we strive first for movement horses followed equally by  temperament, morphology and conformation, and bloodlines.  We also want to differentiate ourselves by producing rare PRE colors on top of those good qualities.

Rare Color


Rosalena PFR

Shown Above:  2013 Red Dun under Gray PRE Filly






Home of the First American Born Red Dun PRE: Rosalena PFR (now under gray) and Catalina PFR Homozygous Dun mare​

Home of Cowboy Charro, 2 X USEF 2012 Regional Horse of the Year for Halter and Best Movement

Home of  Lativa,  USEF 2012 3rd Place Regional Horse of the Year

Pura Raza Espanola

Prairie Falcon Ranch

It was the 1980’s when I fell in love with Legionario III, pictured above,  owned by Garrison Ranch in California.   I wrote them a letter asking to purchase one of their magnificent Andalusians.   A return letter came in the mail with a price tag on some of their horses.  My dream died for the next 20 years.  Once again I quested for the noble Andalusian and was able to breed for my first half Andalusian in 2010.  Then after searching for just the right bloodlines, movement and temperament, I came across this lovely Andalusian filly and applied for a Breeder’s code out of Spain and papered her as a Pura Raza Espanõla:  Pure Spanish Bred.   My next mare was purchased within 6 months of the first and was also given her Carta from Spain here at Prairie Falcon Ranch.   We look for movement horses first, then temperament, conformation and bloodlines. As a small breeder I also decided to add a little color in some of my breedings to differentiate myself from all the wonderful breeders in the industry.   In April of 2013 we were blessed with the first American born Red Dun Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) now under Gray.  In 2014, Catalina PFR a big moving Dun Filly was born out of Dibujada XXIII and 16.3 hand Hilandero X.   See us also on Facebook as Prairie Falcon Ranch.