Prairie Falcon Ranch

Cowboy Charro

Under Saddle

Cowyboy Charro went to Robin Williams Performance Horses for his initial training under saddle.   He was at  walk, trot and canter by the end of June 2014.    He is proving to be a very trainable horse that is eager to please and sensitive to aids.  He is a big boy at 16 hands.  Cowboy Charro went back in training with Tom Murray Dressage for 60 days and will continue training in March 2019 with Freshour Equine.


April 3rd, 2014 Dun Filly

Dressage type tall Dun Bay  filly, heterozygous for the chestnut gene and homozygous for the Primitive Dun markings gene nd1/nd1.   I knew there was a dun gene in there somewhere as she sports the leg barring, shoulder barring, frosted tail and deep dorsal strip of the Dun. This filly will be 15'3 or 16H as her sire is 17 hand Hilandero X whom has passed on his long legs and movement to this filly.  She has the sweetest and most gentle temperament of any foal in my 33 years of raising horses.   You can already see the Leviton in her elastic movements.  UCDavis color tested EeAA  N/N for gray.  If breed to cream stallion can produce both Buckskin and Palomino and will be an excellent Dressage and Jumping prospect.