Reference Stallions:  Left to right:  Armani LFA (Sire of Cowboy Charro),  Yeclano PM (Sire of Rosalena PFR)


JNJ Golden Hobby 

JNJ Golden Hobby of Prairie Falcon Ranch is a 1999 14.3 hand AQHA registered famous "Skipper W-Breds" Palomino Mare out of Skippin Strip and Gay Widow Hobby from Gay Bar King (over 2000 points in Halter, Performance and Race) and she is out of many AQHA Hall of Famers: Hobby Horse-(High Point Working Cow), Skipper W, Three Bars and KIng p-234 TX, Petter McCue, Chicado V(Belmont Stakes), Yellow Jacket and Travelor, Gold Mount and Old Sorrel(1915 King Ranch Greatest Cow Horse)  in her bloodlines. She is out of at least 4 of the famed US Army Remount Roots civil war "War Horses" through ThreeBars through Bulse (TB) and the 1932 Laredo Texas King Plaudit and Chimney Sweep.  She is a proficient trail horse.  She is super responsive and with the right handler could excell in working cow and reining as well as lower levels of dressage and competitive trail.  She is an easy breeder and has had six foals including our own Cowboy Charro.  This is my pleasure riding horse as well as a mare I use to help train my foals for trailering, ponying and tying and for a calming presence at shows.  UCDavis eeAa one copy of cream gene.

Cowboy Charro

2011 Blood Bay Half Andalusian/Full Azteca Gelding

Out of JNJ Golden Hobby(see below) and by Julie Alonzo's Armani LFA who is a Triple Registered Multi-national Champion stallion. (See Ref. Stallions below)

IALHA Registered

USEF lifetime 

Two time USEF Regional Horse of the Year Award for Halter and Best Movement as a yearling 2012.

This colt was a born halter and performance horse which is very rare to win movement and have the conformation for halter.  He is the combination of two great temperament horses with performance abilities.  Look for him under saddle in the show ring!  Started under saddle in 2014 90 days at Robin Williams performance horses.  Started back under Saddle with Tom Murray Dressage

August 22, 2018!


Prairie Falcon Ranch

Above Left to Right:  Hilandero X (sire of 2014 foal)  & Lativo GF (Sire of Lativa)


This is our old man whom we raised from a foal over 20 years ago.   He is my babysitter for my Boys and the horse anyone can ride.  He is truly an asset to our ranch and is the first one turned out with the foals and helps during the weaning process and with training the youngsters.  He teaches them how to give to pressure, trailer, and he is a calming presence at shows and in turnout when our other horses are away on trail rides or at competitions.  He was a stallion to the age of six and is out of a Pacific NW Champion Sire.  He is an unregistered paint and serves our breeding operation as a tease stallion during Artificial Insemination as he is popular with the mares and we can determine estrus with his help. He is shown here with myself and my two boys Drew & Grant.

Rosalena pfr  For Sale

Private Treaty 2013 ANCCE Inscribed Pura Raza Espanola Red Dun under 1 Gray Mare *First American born Red Dun primitive markings nd1/nd1 homozygous PRE* under one copy of Gray eeA/A/a

Out of Dibujada XXIII by Yeclano PM (See reference Stallions below)

ANCCE Registered Carta in hand

IALHA registered,   USEF Lifetime registered

Around 15.1 hands and still growing, this mare is perfect in every way with her excellent top-line, loads of mane and look at that pretty head.  She can move like her dam, and her temperament is kind and willing.  She is currently in training and has had 60 days so far and her trainer says he would put her at a 3 out of 10 with a 1 being the calmest horse.  I hope to see her do working equitation or have fun being someones best trail horse. Email for link to more photos and video.

Dibujada XXIII

2003  Revised Pura Raza Espanola

Out of  Botadora IV, by Heroe MAC

Rare Red Dun with flaxen mane and tail

UC Davis tested eeAA no grey/ nd1/nd1

Homozygous with two copies of the rare Dun Primitive markings test used for the Dun factor in Andalusion nd1/nd1

Triple Registered ANCCE, IALHA and PRE Mundial

This is a movement horse and is so valuable as a broodmare that although I love her as a riding horse she will be focusing on producing future movement and conformation horses, some with rare color.  This mare's Sire Heroe MAC(top 5 National Best Movement) was imported from the number one breeder in Spain: Senor Miguel Cardenas. She has both the great Leviton and Agente in her bloodlines.  She has had two chestnut fillies for her previous owner and here at Prairie Falcon Ranch in 2013 has given us the first American born Red Dun PRE Filly, now graying.  See Rosalena PFR  below.  Dibujada also had a beautiful bay leggy filly named Catalina PFR on April 3rd 2014 by Hilandero X, she should be at least 16 hands.